Tantalising in Tulum

Tantalising in Tulum

Charli threw herself into her hammock sighing heavily and happily. She gazed at the view from the balcony of her villa that looked out to the white sand and turquoise blue water of the Caribbean enjoying the picturesque serenity.

To say her month in Miami had been a wild time was an understatement. She’d gone there to let go of inhibitions and she’d certainly achieved that goal, making plenty of surprising and delightful discoveries about herself, and others along the way. By the end of it she felt a new sense of self-assurance in who she was, more in tune with her own sexuality and desires than ever before. Having reached peak party she was also completely exhausted from all her exploits and experimentation. She’d arrived in Tulum ready for some solo time to shift her focus to connect with more spiritual aspects of herself.

The last few days had been spent between beach, pool and exploring the local Mayan ruins. She’d always had a fascination with ancient history.  Spending time on her own marvelling at temples, taking in the majesty, and revelling in tales of gods and mortals with a sense of awe, was helping her get back to who she really was – something she’d lost sight of in the last few years.

Charli reached into her bag for her phone to start researching her next local exploration and as she fumbled around she felt her hand on her vibrator instead inspiring a temporary change of plan for the afternoon. The whole idea of spending time on her own was to enjoy her own company and wasn’t self-pleasure part of self-discovery after all..?

She glanced around at the balconies of neighbouring villas and seeing that they were all vacant she decided to make the most of the solitude and glorious scenery and enjoy a little al fresco action where she was.

Flicking it on Charli felt the familiar hum and buzz of her trusty travel companion and smirked at the resulting Pavlovian response in her groin. As much as she’d been enjoying her experimentation with new lovers, there was no one who knew her body and how to hit the magic spots as well as she did.

She closed her eyes as she edged it down her torso, teasing herself along the way before slipping inside her bikini bottoms, delighting in her own hot, wetness as she explored slowly, savouring the anticipation of the pleasure she knew would follow.

Just as Charli began to feel the tension in her body mounting she was drawn out of her bubble by  the sound of a door sliding nearby. Opening her eyes and glancing around she saw she was no longer alone, the couple next door had settled into their balcony swing with sundown cocktails in hand.

They’d had a few friendly exchanges around the pool and bar in the last few days, introducing themselves as Celina and Alec. When they’d casually suggested Charli join them for a drink sometime she’d felt that thrilling spark of chemistry with the sense the invitation might lead to more than just refreshments. They were an undeniably beautiful couple, the idea of getting to know them better was one Charli was certainly open to.

Making eye contact, it was clear that they’d been there long enough to see what Charli was doing – and to be aroused by it as Celina winked and trailed her hand suggestively down between her breasts.

Six months ago Charli would’ve been mortified, right now she felt a different kind of heat rising in her body as she realised she was going to follow through on their flirtation with a solitary show. The arousal she’d already been enjoying alone was now magnified with the presence of an appreciative audience.

She maintained eye contact as she resumed where she’d left off with her vibrator, knowing exactly how and where to direct it to maximise the intensity of her path of pleasure. The new element of performance added to Charli’s excitement, she felt herself building toward a rapid climax before succumbing to the overwhelming delight of orgasm. She closed her eyes and threw her head back with a gasp as shocks of ecstasy electrified her body.

As she pulled herself back to reality and cast her gaze back to her neighbours it was clear that they’d enjoyed the show as much as she had. Celina raised her glass and smiled calling out ‘would you like to join us for that drink now…?’

Charli smiled back, nodding her acceptance. Time alone had been just what she needed, but maybe she was ready for some company now…

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