Playful in Palm Springs

Playful in Palm Springs


Charli tumbled onto the mattress laughing as she tried to extricate herself from a tangle feathers, sequins, glitter and glow bands. Not her usual choice in accessories, but this was Coachella, excess in all things was the theme of the weekend.

She’d spent the day dancing under the sun in a sea of party people dressed for the occasion in OTT sparkles, face paint and plenty of bare flesh. The mass movement was all glorious visual feast of splendour and sexual freedom.

Now she found herself savouring a cool escape from the heat of the California sun and the festival action in the space of a private tee-pee, but the look from her hosts suggested another kind of excitement might be in store….

She’d met Aria and Tyler amid the throng of revellers in front of the stage earlier in the day. Even among the crowd of beautiful VIPs who were there to see and be seen the pair stood out. There was an incredible magnetism about them that Charli had no desire to resist. She’d come for the whole hedonistic experience and if this is where it was leading she was willing to follow.

‘Champagne?’ Aria asked holding a glass out to her, an assumption as much as a question, and a correct one, Charli seldom said no to French. She took it and gulped several mouthfuls down thirstily, enjoying the cool liquid and tingling bubbles as it slipped down her throat. 

Aria settled next to her on the mattress, sipping her own glass ‘So Charli, how are you enjoying your first Coachella so far?’

‘It’s fabulous’ Charli replied ‘definitely lives up to the brochure. Certainly like no other festival I’ve been to before!’ She laughed.

‘We’ll maybe we can add to your list of new experiences’ Aria said, eying her with one raised brow as she trailed a finger lazily down Charli’s neck, tracing her collarbone. She took a sip of her drink and leaned in to put her lips on Charli’s, the taste of champagne on someone else’s tongue as their mouths met was fresh, cool and deliciously moreish. Charli slipped her fingers into the nape of Aria’s neck and pulled her in for more.

The two paused in their explorations of one another’s bodies as Tyler slipped in beside them. Aria smiled up at him then back to Charli.

‘Now as our guest Charli, I insist you relax and enjoy our hospitality to the full’ Tyler said, gently pushing her shoulders down onto the bed.

‘Well I’d hate to be an ungrateful guest, how could I refuse an offer like that?’ She replied as she lay back and surrendered willingly to her hosts plan.

Aria reached for the silk scarf she’d been wearing around her hips and gently wrapped it around Charli’s eyes encompassing her in a soft, darkness.

As hands pulled her bra off Charli enjoyed both the relief from its heavy crystal embellishment on her skin, as well and the hit of air on her bare breasts. Next her hot pants were gently slipped off her legs leaving Charli naked, skin prickling with anticipation

With her sight removed, she felt all her other sense heightened. With both Aria and Tyler’s attention solely on her she felt her body being lavished with an exquisite array of sensory stimulation competing for her attention. Soft hands stoked, a firm grip squeezed, breath cool as it followed the damp trail teasingly traced down her stomach by a hot tongue. Feathers tickled the soft skin of her inner thigh and goosebumps rose at the sudden touch of cold champagne splashing onto her stomach, trickling down her sides. She gasped at the shock of a quick bite where soft lips had been a moment before, striking the sublime balance between pleasure and pain.

She could hear the crowd outside the tent. There was a delightful sense of danger in knowing that the fabric walls were all that separated them from the partygoers walking past only metres away, completely unaware of the festival of flesh and lust happening inside between the three of them.

Charli’s body was a frenzy of nerve endings all being pushed to a rapid peak. She recognised the suggestion of stubble on her lips and savoured the masculine scent as one mouth explored hers, while at the same time she felt soft hands, warm lips and an exploratory tongue on her inner thigh as Aria worked her way up. The anticipation was almost as pleasurable as the sensation and Charli could already feel that her touch was going to trigger a swift, intense climax.

The hot tongue worked with expert precision, flicking, taunting, sucking and just as Chari was sure she couldn’t take anymore she felt fingers being plunged in deep, straight to her g-spot. The combination of stimulation was mind blowing. Charli bucked her hips and threw her head back as wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria coursed through her body. She made no attempt to suppress her cries as her voice blended with the soundtrack going on outside.

Eventually she melted into the mattress, panting ‘ohmyfuckinggod’ by way of appreciation. She opened her eyes as the scarf was pulled away to see Aria and Tyler laughing back at her ‘I take it you enjoyed your VIP experience?’.

‘Oh very much’ Charli replied, ‘now, how could I repay your both for incredible hospitality?’ she asked as she reached to slip Aria’s straps off her shoulder, ‘I think I have an idea…’

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