Bold in Byron

Bold in Byron

Charli burst through the surface of the ocean, closing her eyes to savour the early morning sun already warm on her face, ducking under the water again she felt the cool wash over her along with a sense of pure contentment. She was exactly where she needed to be.


The last few years had been an amazing journey of self-discovery, she’d loved every minute of her globe-trotting adventures, but recently she’d felt the tug of home in her heart and mind telling her it was time to come back - although it was a far different Charli on the return flight.


She’d left Australia to escape her old life and now she was ready to start her new one. But where? The city life no longer fitted her, her old apartment felt claustrophobic, she wanted space, room to breathe and move, a slower pace of life, serenity.


Byron had called her. The beach, the free spirits who now felt more like kindred spirits in the laid back lifestyle Charli was craving. Here she felt calm, more in touch with herself, grounded and at peace.


Charli felt hands slip around her waist and turned to see the smiling face of AJ as he pulled her in to kiss her. AJ was another reason she felt so happy and at home here. He was entirely different to the men she’d been drawn to in the past, the ultra blokey, boy’s boys where she’d often felt like the initial spark faded fast and she was missing the real connection she craved.


AJ was a yoga instructor which gave him an entirely different physique from the bulky gym-bods she’d known. He was lean, lithe but muscular, a body honed by years of practice and a fact Charli had appreciated and admired from many angles, running her fingers over the lines of his smooth, strong limbs as they lay together. It also meant he was an incredible lover, his stamina was one thing, but his attention to detail and patience was another, the unhurried way he lavished attention on Charli made her feel worshipped like a goddess.


They’d met when Charli became a regular at his classes, casual chats afterwards had evolved into in depth conversations over coffee followed by walks on the beach when they found they could never exhaust their appetite to keep talking – or to be in each other’s company. It wasn’t just the intellectual connection that drew them together though, the sexual chemistry had been undeniable, it wasn’t long before they’d become lovers.


They fell into a comfortable early morning routine together, yoga on a secluded beach enclave they called their own - Charli had joked about private tuition being one of the perks of sleeping with the teacher - followed by crisp ocean swims where she relished the cool water awakening her senses and her soul.


As they floated together in the water Charli kissed him deeper, savouring the salty softness of AJ’s lips on hers and knew, for the first time in a long time, that she’d found her place, and her person…for a while at least.


As much as being with AJ centred her mentally, his physical effect was anything but calming. His touch had an effect of immediate arousal in Charli, the frisson of his fingers stroking and pressing into her flesh was electric and her body responded to it every time. It’s an animal reaction complete beyond her control but Charli was happy to surrender to it.


He traced his tongue around her ear, down the side of her neck in a line that triggered a rush of goosebumps of anticipation, he knew exactly where and how to incite the thrill that ran through her. The sudden sharp-sweet bite as AJ squeezed her nipple striking the perfect balance of pleasure and pain made Charli draw a sharp breath, she felt his erection pressing hard against her bikini bottoms.


She wrapped her legs tighter around his waist pulling him closer, enjoying the mounting ache to feel him inside her.


Charli leaned back to give AJ a wink and a laugh as she deftly untied her bikini bottoms before reaching to push his shorts down and wrapping her hand around his now throbbing penis. He responded with the same urgency she felt, squeezing her firmly by the ass as he lifted then lowered her and slid himself into her with ease, feeling her warm, smoothly wet and eager to receive him.


Their movements were quick and rhythmic as he thrust into her, hitting that sweet spot they both knew would send her over the edge swiftly. The powerful desire they both felt intensified every sensation, their joint climb towards climax was swift and intense. As she felt him reaching a peak Charli squeezed her thighs around him to draw him in even deeper, wanting to feel the tremor inside her as they came together in shuddering unison. Charli dug her nails into his back and threw her head back gasping as he pressed his face into her chest, groaning in ecstasy.


Spent, they stayed joined, wrapped in one another, letting their bodies bob gently with the lapping water, enjoying the sensation of weightlessness as they regained breath.


Charli looked at him, as she said laughing ‘wow, maybe that’s what they mean about yoga leading the way to spiritual experiences. Consider me enlightened! ’

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