Alive in Aspen

Alive in Aspen

“…Charli was ready to be her best self. She wanted to arrive in a place where the sense was pure escapism but ultimate happiness. Days spent carelessly cruising down the slopes of Snowmass, hot-tubs with her hot instructors and hikes up Ajax to watch sublime sunsets.

Aspen was a place she could see herself in more than a few weeks. At least that’s what she thought…”


‘Wow, what a spectacular view’ Charli commented as she watched the tanned, muscular legs and firm buttocks that were powering up the path ahead of her.

‘Isn’t it?’ The owner of the beautiful legs and buttocks replied. ‘It doesn’t matter how many times I hike this trail, I never get sick of that Colorado landscape’.

‘Not what I was referring too’ Charli laughed to herself, but looking out at the actual vista she couldn’t argue, it was breathtaking. Rolling green hills, blue lakes, and rocky mountains topped with crisp white snow, all below the glorious mid-afternoon sun. It was movie set perfect and Charli couldn’t be happier to be here on location.

Her guide and hiking companion was Chad. Tall, tanned, broad shouldered and athletic with a fresh white smile and bright blue eyes. He was the perfect vision of an outdoorsy all-American dream with charismatic charm to match.

They’d met on the slopes of Snowmass where he was Ski Instructor. Charli had spent every day of the last week under his expert tutelage on the slopes working her downhill technique… and every night under his expert hands in bed enjoying a new kind of very physical, adrenalin building sex - and an appreciation for the energy the great outdoors inspired! 

Chad had taken it upon himself to make sure she saw all the splendour Colorado had to offer, so today they’d swapped skis for hiking boots to explore the Ajax trail. With his local knowledge Chad was leading them on a lesser known route where they could avoid the crowds and enjoy the scenery, and each other’s company.

He paused as they arrived at a lookout and reached a hand out to her grinning, pulling her in for a kiss. With her breasts pressed against his muscular chest, Charli inhaled his scent of fresh sweat on soft, clean skin that melded with his aftershave. Suddenly she found herself in the midst of perfect real life demonstration of science of pheromones in sexual arousal as her thoughts turned from walking up the track to getting off it.

‘Drinks break?’ he asked. Charli agreed ‘Sure, I’m feeling thirsty all of a sudden’.

Charli shrugged off her pack, rolling the tightness out of her neck and shoulders as she gazed out at the vastness of the landscape. She felt a cool sensation as Chad pressed a water bottle against her bare neck, the fine hairs on her skin rising in response to both the temperature and his touch.

‘Here, let me’ he offered, massaging her shoulders with his firm hands. Charli willingly accepted gathering her hair up and tilting her head sideways to expose her neck, closing her eyes as the tension melted away under his expert hands.

She felt his lips brush gently behind her ear, making his way down the nape of her neck while his hand slipped around to cup her breast, her nipples stiffening at his touch. She pushed her body firmly back against his and felt his erection pressing into her. Reaching her hand around to grasp it she asked with a laugh, ‘is that a compass in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?.

‘Oh you know I’m always happy to see you Charli girl’ he replied spinning her around to kiss her hard and deep as he unbuttoned her shorts. He pushed them down to slip his hand between her legs where she received it willingly, pushing forward to meet his touch.

He unzipped his own his own pants to reveal a sight Charli had become very familiar with, and very fond of recently - smooth, rock hard, ready to please her. He pulled a condom out of his pocket, ‘I see you packed all the essentials’ Charli teased, as he expertly rolled it on before pulling her back to him hungrily.

His lips and hands were all over her, kissing, nibbling, stroking and squeezing before he gathered her up in one easy motion, lifting her to wrap her legs around his waist. Taking a few steps to a nearby tree, her back pressed against the trunk as he thrust himself into her. Charli gasped as she felt the exquisite sensation of her lover filling her suddenly and completely, every nerve ending responding with fireworks as he thrust into her, hitting her G spot with every stroke, driving her closer to the brink.

Charli recognised the urgency building in him and felt her own body respond with a tremor mounting deep in her groin. He groaned as he peaked with one last powerful thrust that tipped her over the edge at the same time, the force of the two of them climaxing in unison elevating the experience.

Charli sunk her teeth into his shoulder as she succumbed to the convulsions of ecstasy that racked her body in waves. She sighed and pressed her face into his neck as her orgasm slowly subsided into buzzing blissful after-shocks that left her smiling and giddy.

He gently lowered her to the ground, ‘See, didn’t I tell you it’s breathtaking up here?’ He asked grinning. Charli laughed, ‘You’re right, it’s enough to make you weak at the knees’ she replied.

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