A Sexual Renaissance

The current environment is seeing a push for sex positivity and is bringing an awareness to the sexual wellness arena. This space is gaining momentum and is starting to infiltrate our daily lives. The insurmountable stigma and taboo nature of sexuality is starting to slowly shed its limiting beliefs. Normalising conversations around pleasure, consent, fantasy, eroticism, relationship structures, and a myriad of sexual health concerns is not only a breath of fresh air, but also helpful to start thinking about where your sexual health sits and what it encompasses.

Perhaps it’s time to start challenging your belief system, and ask yourself what role does sex play in your life, and what role would you like it to play? Why do you have sex? What does sex mean to you? The liberating notion of sex positivity now puts sex at the forefront in your life however you would like sex to be. Sex positive does not mean your sexuality has to fit into a particular box, it does not mean forcing yourself to enjoy specific acts, and it also doesn’t mean you have to feel guilty for not wanting sex as much as your partner. Sex positive could simply be defined as having the freedom to do whatever you like, whenever you like; as long as it’s consensual, safe, legal, and (hopefully) pleasurable.

The wellness space is getting us to think about the self in a holistic manner. Physical, psychological, spiritual, and sexual are all parts of the self to consider. These parts all work intrinsically with one another. Focusing on one and not the others could do yourself a disservice. Previous discourse kept sexual wellness out of the public spotlight and hidden in the shadows. Today, sexual health is starting to be recognized as an important conversation when holistically looking at the ‘self’.

You deserve to have a sexual voice during your experiences, and you deserve to experience pleasure in the ways you (and your partner) see fit. The present climate is highlighting that all genders have a right to pleasure, and it’s not a one size fits all approach. Keep that in mind when formulating the purpose of sex, how you want to feel during and after sex, and the role it currently plays in your life. Giving yourself permission to explore your sexual health is empowering and starts to throw away any guilt or shame that could potentially be holding you back. Using vibrators and toys are an excellent way to self-stimulate, explore, and safely be in your body. Self-pleasure without distractions and without pressure can be a sacred place, and there is certainly no shame in that. There is also no shame using fabulous vibrators of any shape or size that brings pleasure to your body.

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